Express Cloud Contact Centre

Designed for remote working


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A solution to bridge this unusual time of severe disruption

Gamma is providing a unique home working customer contact solution that allows agents to perform their activities from their home location, whilst providing the same customer experience, from any device and connectivity, using the communications channels you need to manage peak demands.

This express solution is flexible and can be used in its own right or as an overlay onto your current contact centre - so just view it as an alternate solution to bridge this unusual period. 

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How can an express Cloud Contact Centre help?

This is a secure and compliant solution that has been specifically designed for remote working and it can rapidly mobilise your agents in the following anticipated scenarios: 

  • Your Business Continuity plan is reliant on alternative fixed locations that are currently inaccessible
  • Your current setup may not support secure and compliant operations from remote locations
  • Your current setup may not have the elastic capacity required to handle dramatic upturns or or diversification in calls
  • Your current solution may be prone to issues related to local / home ISP performance with agents displaced working off the corporate WAN

  • Your current solution no longer gives you visibility of agent activity or productivity whilst working remotely

  • You've seen a significant increase in digital customer contact and your current solution may not enable your agents to manage all communications channels in a single view

Why is it different to other similar cloud services?

In a nutshell, it supports voice delivery to the widest range of endpoints removing the performance challenges that can occur with data only services whilst also improving resilience as an agent can use all options.

The solutions can deliver calls to your agents over Analogue, SIP landlines, Hosted Cloud clients (Gamma Horizon or Third Party). mobile GSM or in-built VOIP client that's embedded in the service.

Calls will present a whisper announcement, so no young children or partners accidentally pick the call up, which requires a DTMF selection to accept the call. 

Managing high call volumes with channel swapping

We anticipate you may experience unusually high call volumes, stretching your resources to extents that may compromise service levels. Our channel swap facility allows callers to switch from voice to SMS, email or any social channel, taking pressure off agents and advisors, adding an alternative channel of communication, and therefore maintaining optimum service levels during peak demand.

This 'mix and match' solution enables you to add the channels you need, when you need them - allowing you to instantly add OMNI to your contact centre set up. 

PCI compliant web link transactions

Taking secure payments in peak demands from your customer's mobile device can also ease the pressure on agents during peak demands.

Link Pay + is a PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant payment solution that means secure links can be sent between the agent and customer without the payment data being stored on call recordings or the agent needing to pause and resume calls.

Speak to us today to understand how we have recently helped other brands with unexpected alternative Contact Centre Business Continuity services, and how we can tailor a solution to your current needs. 

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Our solutions are governed by the industry leading operation and cyber security standards. For full details on our data security, segregation and compliance regulations and certification click here.