What can SIP trunks do for your business that ISDN can’t?

 Meetings can be a real pain. They take too much time and too little gets done. In fact, one recent survey showed nearly half of all employees think they’re a total waste of effort.  Despite the poor reviews, meetings can still have an important role to play in a digital era where employees are often working remotely. You need a way to keep everyone informed, connected and focused on the right things. Meetings can fit the bill.  With the right suite of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, you can give your meetings a much needed, top-to-bottom makeover. This five-step guide will show you just how simple and affordable your meeting makeover can be.  Key findings:  Step 1: Give everyone their own meeting “room” Step 2: Simplify room-based video conferencing Step 3: Make mobile devices “meeting ready” Step 4: Set up collaborative team workspaces Step 5: Imagine the possibilities

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The growth in adoption of IP networks has enabled news ways of working – today, according to a current survey by workspace provider Basepoint, 46% of UK professionals work from remote locations 2.5 days per week or more but access their files and data located at either a headquarters or in the cloud over IP based Networks.

In turn this enables collaboration with colleagues using a range of real-time applications, including voice, video and messaging using the same networks.

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  • What SIP Trunks can do for your business
  • SIP and Unified Communications (UC)
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