What to look for in a data service provider?

 Meetings can be a real pain. They take too much time and too little gets done. In fact, one recent survey showed nearly half of all employees think they’re a total waste of effort.  Despite the poor reviews, meetings can still have an important role to play in a digital era where employees are often working remotely. You need a way to keep everyone informed, connected and focused on the right things. Meetings can fit the bill.  With the right suite of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, you can give your meetings a much needed, top-to-bottom makeover. This five-step guide will show you just how simple and affordable your meeting makeover can be.  Key findings:  Step 1: Give everyone their own meeting “room” Step 2: Simplify room-based video conferencing Step 3: Make mobile devices “meeting ready” Step 4: Set up collaborative team workspaces Step 5: Imagine the possibilities

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No business is immune to the influences of technology. From the latest startup to Britain’s oldest business – all organisations are constantly changing the way they operate in order to remain relevant to today’s consumers.

This means embracing digital processes and modern forms of communication, but finding the right supplier of your transformational infrastructure can be tricky - especially if you don't know the right questions to ask.

Download this eGuide to know how to ask the critical questions of your potential suppliers, such as:

  • Is it a business-only service?
  • Can it support my digital transformation plan?
  • What’s the strength and scale of the network?
  • How complicated is installation?
  • Can it integrate with other services?

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