Whitepaper | A Better Normal: Pivoting In The Pandemic Era

 Meetings can be a real pain. They take too much time and too little gets done. In fact, one recent survey showed nearly half of all employees think they’re a total waste of effort.  Despite the poor reviews, meetings can still have an important role to play in a digital era where employees are often working remotely. You need a way to keep everyone informed, connected and focused on the right things. Meetings can fit the bill.  With the right suite of cloud-based communication and collaboration tools, you can give your meetings a much needed, top-to-bottom makeover. This five-step guide will show you just how simple and affordable your meeting makeover can be.  Key findings:  Step 1: Give everyone their own meeting “room” Step 2: Simplify room-based video conferencing Step 3: Make mobile devices “meeting ready” Step 4: Set up collaborative team workspaces Step 5: Imagine the possibilities

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As the COVID-19 pandemic shakes the global economy, one thing is clearer than ever: the way we work and run our businesses will never be the same. The past year has brought on unexpected and unprecedented changes for many businesses, and as we enter the next phase of the pandemic era, it’s now time for business leaders to turn their attention toward the requirements of the new normal in order to lay the foundations for a thriving future. Organisations hoping to generate competitive advantage will need to address challenges around both technology and people. 

This whitepaper outlines the current challenges and the ones laying ahead for businesses in the new pandemic world. It also discusses strategies and solutions for businesses to pivot during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Why a people-first approach in your workforce is vital moving forward
  • Why it's important for business leaders to shift their outlook from tactical to strategic deployment when it comes to remote working technologies
  • How businesses can maintain and gain new customers through improved customer experience

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