How to ensure your business thrives in the digital age

Only 18% of businesses are thriving in the digital age. How do you stack up?

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If you want your business to thrive, your technology has to be up to scratch. But just having the right communication channels isn’t enough – your digital foundations must be resilient, robust and you must have a digital transformation strategy in place ready to support a full spectrum of future business goals.

To help you find out if your business is just “surviving” or thriving in today’s digital landscape, why not benchmark yourself against your peers?

In this report, we reveal the findings of a survey of 400 IT decision makers about their approaches to business communication and their usage of digital platforms.

Key findings:

  • 89% of businesses agree business communication can make the difference between thriving and surviving
  • 73% of businesses would prefer integrated comms over ‘best in class’ tech
  • 84% of survivors expect to see moderate to high or moderate levels of change in their telecoms and voice platforms in the next 24 months