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Digital Transformation: Cultivating cures in a crisis

Lindsay Herbert
Author, Digital Transformation

Virtual Event

Wednesday 24th March
3 - 4:30pm

When it comes to Digital Transformation, Lindsay Herbert wrote the book - literally! 

So, there was no question over who to choose to kick off our first GX Lite of 2021. Lindsay's book, Digital Transformation, has received international praise for its practical framework on how to drive major change through innovation. No matter what challenges you may be facing, Lindsay's insights help to spot the early indicators of change and teach us how to steer through crisis at a time when digital acceleration has never been so prevalent. 

Virtual Event
Date: Wednesday 24th March 2021

Time: 3 - 4:30 pm
Guest Speaker: Lindsay Herbert - Author, Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: Cultivating cures in the Covid crisis

Real 'digital transformation' means to become adaptive to change itself, and there has never been a more urgent time to do it. Leveraging technology, data and new ways of working is the only way to see any organisation through major change, yet how do you approach it when external forces constantly escalate uncertainty and fear? 

In this session based on her internationally acclaimed book Digital Transformation, Lindsay separates the snake oils from the cures on how to achieve real transformation that will see organisations through the crisis and beyond. 

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Meet our guest speaker

Lindsay Herbert - Author, Digital Transformation

Lindsay's core message is that real digital transformation stems from learning how to become more adaptive to change itself. As businesses continue to navigate through these uncertain times, you could label this a hot topic, but change is a challenge that we will always be faced with.

As Chief Innovation Officer for IBM Garage GBS, Lindsay advises the leaders of major companies on how to spot the early signs of change and how to further their innovations, while also creating breakthrough technologies for IBM itself, like her most recent invention IBM Instant Checkout. This technology has been groundbreaking in the retail sector, attracting international media coverage. 

It's no wonder that Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan appointed Lindsay as Governor for the Museum of London. Lindsay was brought on board to inform the Museum's own digital transformation journey.

In her talks, Lindsay's lessons in innovation are brought to life with her own insider experiences. She shares inspiring stories from company leaders around the world, leaving audiences feeling empowered and ready to tackle any change challenges that might come their way. 


Virtual Event

Date: Wednesday 24th March
Time: 3 - 4:30pm
Guest Speaker: Lindsay Herbert - Author, Digital Transformation