2020 UC Expo Virtual Event

How to adapt fast to the irrevocable march from UC to UCaaS

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How to adapt fast to the now irrevocable march from UC to UCaaS

Find out why migrating from premise based UC to cloud based UCaaS is now an urgent necessity. Our session will help you select the right partner, understand the gotchas to ensure a careful and successful migration, and build a strategic UCaaS roadmap beyond vendor hype without the gaps that are prevalent in many service offerings.

  • Why move now? – Looking at and beyond the current climate, and what to look for in the right partner.
  • What does a good UCaaS strategy good look like? – The essential considerations to ensure you deliver the best end to end solution.
  • What is the market doing? – Learnings from what have others done and why?


Chair: Dave Mailer, Consultant, 4C Strategies

Speaker: Alex Ayers, Sales Director, Gamma